Monday, July 26, 2010

New Cards...

Today I got my Student ID card from UQ. Iwas sent behind the counter and told to stand on the footprints marked on the ground, I stood on the footprints and looked up and he snapped it, consequently I look like a very unhappy Fiona!

I also got a library card today so I can borrow from Brisbane libraries; the George Street library in the rubik's cube building (I once solved a rubik's cube - it was hard!) across from the Casino is fantastic. I felt like I was in a Borders bookstore, except you can take the books home for free!

I love Brisbane.


  1. You still look super cute, even if the photographer snuck up on you!

  2. Thanks for your comments, I love that you are reading my blog! But I am not sure about 'super cute'!

  3. That's just freaky. Okay so now I believe you're a twin Christina :) Same fringe and glasses as well


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