Sunday, July 25, 2010


Have just finished reading The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene and felt incredibly ignorant that I knew so little about the suppression of the Catholic church in Mexico in the 1930s. It is a grim little book, but surprisingly compelling even for a non-theist. I found this great quote about The Power and the Glory on the Banned Books blog:

"Literature of this kind does harm to the cause of the true religion" - Vatican consultant (1953).

Have also just finished Emma by Jane Austen and despite the back blurb telling me it was her most polished novel and everyones general favorite, I have to admit that I preferred both Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice to it. Having said that, it was an easy and enjoyable read, but I find it hard to like novels where I don't like the main character and it took me sometime to warm in anyway to Emma.

I have put the novels aside for today to concentrate on some reading for the PhD, but plan to continue reading unrelated materials on the train to and from uni - that way I can sneak in some novels and maybe get through a few more on the list (see right hand column)!

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  1. I'm reading the 'Merry go round in the sea' and enjoying the Australianess of it, but ignoring some of the glaringly unpolitically correct words scattered throughout.



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