Friday, August 13, 2010

Better Book Titles...

aka. Michael Onaatje's The English Patient.

Kristin pointed out the very funny work of Better Book Titles.
Where book titles are changed to reflect the true content of the text. Having read The English Patient for my masters, it seemed like an appropriate example of what the website offers. No beating around the bush with long complicated reviews about it being a multi-layered, post-modern novel with competing narratives and complex relationships woven amid wars, deserts and borders etc. etc. The new title sums it up beautifully "Erotica for Classics Majors". Simple, quirky and fantastic. Check them out if you have time, there are many more covers given the same treatment.

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  1. I think you picked the best one! Although I do like the "Analyze that" for 'Catcher in the Rye', or "The Scam" for 'The Secret'.



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