Monday, October 4, 2010

A Part of Life...

Thanks to Nonsuck Book blog who showcased a new series of advertisements for Penguin publishing in Malaysia by Saatchi and Saatchi advertising I got to see these beautiful images and wanted to share them. I think that the images are fantastic, but I am not sure about the Unputdownable title of these clever little ads. They say more to me about reading being a part of daily life, or about the nature of the format of the book, as Jorge Luis Borges said over twenty years ago:

I believe that books will never disappear. It is impossible that that will happen. Among the many inventions of man, the book, without a doubt, is the most astounding: all the others are extensions of our bodies. The telephone for example, is the extension of our voice; the telescope and the microscope are extensions of our sight: the swords and the plough are extensions of our arms. Only the book is an extension of our imagination and memory.

From: Alifano, Roberto. Twenty Four Conversations with Borges. Massachusetts: Lascaux Publishers, 1984.

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  1. How clever! I wonder if they were photoshopped or if someone can paint printed text that small onto a hand?



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