Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Philip K Dick on the little screen...

Thanks to The Casual Optimist I found out about two Philip K Dick related items. One is a BBC documentary made in 1994 about Philip K Dick called A Day in the Afterlife (follow the link) and the other is that Ridley Scott (of Bladerunner fame) is working on anther Phillip K Dick adaptation, this time for BBC1. The four part mini-series will be based upon Dick's The Man in the High Castle. More information available about this on the Guardian UK website.

For more about the man, there is a wonderful biography on the Philip K Dick website.

Maybe someone will get me The Man in the High Castle for Christmas if I am really good?
Hint hint family.

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  1. Only if you are really good. Have you ever checked out 'the book depository'? The books are cheap and the postage is free, usually ends up being cheaper than Amazon.

    I love Bladerunner. Will have to watch that clip once my internet regains all it's powers.



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