Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Singing In The Rain...

Oh, our engagement photographs are on the photographers blog! The wonderful Lizzy C took our photographs last month as a sort of pre-wedding-getting-to-know-you shoot. There are some wonderful and embarrassing photographs of us (who actually likes to see photos of themselves?), but I think they are great! Especially considering the conditions - it was pouring through the shoot - if you look carefully you may just see our wet hair matted to our faces! Lizzy was bold and brave and photographed from beneath an umbrella that her beautiful husband was holding aloft for her and only managing to get her wet occasionally. It was a lot of fun, thanks Liz and Dave for a great afternoon and some wonderful photographs!


  1. The photos are gorgeous! Liz has done a great job and used the rainy day conditions to her favor.


  2. I think the photos are fabulous.The weather conditions add to the fun and romance!The wedding photos should be great also.

  3. What wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them and congratulations on your engagement!

  4. Great write-up and Lizzy certainly has captured the spirit and moment - thanks for sharing.


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