Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thesis Update...

I went and saw my supervisors yesterday and they were both happy that I had a full draft of the Prospectus complete - that I can now ignore until next year - and wished me to get into reading more poetry now that the Prospectus is out of the way for the time being. They said, spend your days reading poetry and your nights reading theory, what a prescription! Some times I have to pinch myself that this is my "full-time job" at the moment! I feel pretty lucky, although I know others would hate to be back studying full-time and tell me that regularly, but I love it!

I have been reading poetry today and writing more, up to 4 100 words, but the word count probably won't move for a while now that I have orders to read poetry. I photographed the poor old books of poetry (above) and they look pretty sad, but I like to think they are just well loved and well traveled!

PS. Tomorrow (18th Nov) is the UNESCO World Philosophy Day, there are activities planned around the world. Even if you can't get to one, sounds like a nice excuse for a nice wine or coffee and some reflection with a friend or a loved one. The lecture I am attending asks "What does it mean to be a Philosopher?"; this could be a good starting question for a philosophical coffee date!


  1. That sounds like heaven to me, too! The reading and research stage was my favourite part of grad satisfying to be able to just dive in and read widely and wildly. Jealous!

  2. Well loved and well traveled, I agree! I do love jumping in to research. But it's more craft and parenting research in this house at the moment, with the occasional chance to delve into philosophy, the classics or history. :)

    The lecture sounds great. We will have to have coffee so you can tell me all about it!



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