Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Wrap Up...

First draft of literature review... check. Synopsis... check. Abstract... check. Ethical clearance forms... check. First draft of prospectus document for confirmation... check. You are set to begin.

First 1900 words of chapter one... check!

I have started (tentatively) to write my thesis! I have been finishing off all the preliminary paperwork and I am meeting up with my PhD supervisors at uni next week. I have begun contextualising and defining the theories and terms that I will be using, including work from Marx, Wallerstein, Bourdieu, Braudel, Pascale Casanova and Goethe.

I am very excited to have begun; 1600 down, only 60 to 80 thousand more words to write! (I have another three years)

PS. As for the list of graduate student lies, I feel a real affinity for number four and last year when I was doing my Masters, my fiancé was an undergraduate, so I like number seven as well.

Also, two comments from people who aren't related to me was very exciting!

Hope you have also been having an exciting and productive week!


  1. Woo-hoo! congrats on getting underway with the writing!

  2. What will you be arguing in your thesis?

  3. Only 60 - 80 thousand words left, she says casually. Love it. Good on you for having come this far and having such a great commitment to this project.

    And I quite enjoy proof reading for you. Who doesn't like altering a draft? Just please, feed it to me in 2,000 word allotments and not 80,000. :)


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