Monday, November 15, 2010

Word Count...

Although not including my Prospectus, which is already 5 500 words, I have written the first 3 000 words of my thesis! I have begun chapters one and two, writing about Pascale Casanova and her theory in The World Republic of Letters and defining terms and key concepts like "world-systems theory" and explaining how Marx fits into it. First 3 000 down, does this mean I get wine now? Only 57 000 more to go!

Also reading (and still enjoying) Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything.


  1. Yes, wine now, 57 000 words later. Maybe tomorrow? :)

    No no, tomorrow you are making knitting needle bangles with me!


  2. PS. What do you think Bill Bryson would be like in person? Do you think he is as conversational and witty in person as he is in his writtings?

  3. I developed a general dislike of Bryson after reading his diatribe on Canberra in "A Sunburnt Country". He took a few thousand words to say that the national capital was ugly and boring in an ill conceived, poorly researched and appalling written chapter.

    While it is true that Canberra does not have the frenetic pace of Sydney and Melbourne, there is always something to do and there is nowhere near as many roundabouts as he seems to think.

  4. That should read "appallingly written"...


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