Saturday, December 18, 2010

I wish...

We went to the new exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane today, 21st Century: Art in the First Decade. It was fantastic, very fun with lots of interactive art works, like the ribbon wall and the lego table pictured above. There were many other works that visitors could participate in and great children's activities, including a room filled with balloons, bird nest making, drawing tables and touch screen activities.

We saw Rivane Neuenschwander's installation called I wish your wish and I got a ribbon that said "I wish I could be invisible" and Dylan's ribbon says"I wish I could make a time portal" and he also picked up another one that said "I wish my family was normal."

I love the way galleries are curating exhibitions that are interactive and also cater for little ones. The exhibition is on until next year, so if you get a chance, it is a lot of fun.


  1. Cohen and I both really enjoyed ourselves. I'm posting about it tomorrow on my blog too. I would really urge people to visit. It's wonderful!


  2. it's so lovely to see the great feedback goma is getting. i'm lucky enough to work there and play all day with the amazing artworks. did you see kusama'a infinity room? that has to be my favourite. the finches are just divine too. i'm currently wearing my wish ribbon i picked out aswell! have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing.


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