Monday, January 10, 2011

Black and White play along...

"I killed her in St Kilda..."

I am playing along with A Little Bird Told Me's "A Week of Black and White". Above is a black and white photograph I took at St Kilda in Melbourne, Australia. I went to Melbourne for a friend's wedding, and having never been before I drew upon all my cultural collateral when deciding where to stay. I booked my accommodation in my lunch break one day at school with very little time to do research. I knew the Paul Kelly song "From St Kilda to Kings Cross" and the glam-punk song "I killed her in St Kilda" with the memorable chorus something like... "and I killed her in St Kilda and now I'll never be the same", I think it was by the Voodoo Lovecats. It was on a mixtape that was made for me in the 90s, which I have lost, but the chorus stayed in my head all these years. So when I was looking at lists of hotels, St Kilda seemed the first and only place to stay.

So yeah, I have four University degrees, I have traveled the globe, and the most I knew about Melbourne came from song lyrics. I am not proud, but Melbourne was great, even if I had the chorus to "I killed her in St Kilda" in my head for the whole time I was there. A similar thing happened when I was in Waterloo, but that is another story for another time.

PS. Anybody know the song that I am talking about? I have googled it rather unsuccessfully.


  1. Lovely image! Can't help you with the song though..

  2. I don't know the song either, but the photo is wonderful and I must admit to having a whole back catalog of Paul Kelly songs in my head the whole time we were in Melbourne. It was like my theme music for our holiday. :)

  3. google informs me that it was by Boydotcom and appeared on the album Fuck the World.


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