Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bookish Flood Relief...

Looking for a creative, bookish way to get some money to the Flood Relief Appeal? Writers on Rafts is a Queensland Writers Center initiative where you can enter a competition to win literary prizes and all of the money raised goes to the Flood Relief Appeal. Prizes include author visits, writer support (meet with an editor, writer, published etc), getting your name in print as a character in a book, book packs and the Super Special Prize Draw which contains a whole literary bag of goodies!

It is only $5 a ticket to enter, and you can enter as many categories as many times as you like, and if you win, you get to pick the prize you want within that category. Any residual books that have been donated to the competition that are not won will be donated to flood affected libraries.

So put your Flood money where you have a chance of being rewarded for your generosity!


  1. This is one raft that is worth climbing aboard! Think this is going to be a very special project.

  2. I agree with Graham. greetings from Bulgaria


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