Monday, January 10, 2011

NoteMaker Envy...

I love having a diary to stay organised for uni and life in general. I keep a journal and a diary. The journal holds day to day activities, reflections, dreams etc etc. and the diary help me plan ahead, organise meetings and appointments etc etc. I deem both as necessities for my sanity. I like using A5 size Moleskines or Moleskine knock-offs, usually the later as they are much cheaper (full-time student after all)!

NoteMaker has wonderful new promotion images for 2011 diaries. If you are anything like me, then images like these make your heart beat a little faster. I already have a Moleskine Weekly Notebook Diary that I got for Christmas. It is great, soft covered A5 notebook, with a week to an opening and a page for notes and a Typo Moleskine knockoff for my journal. But if I didn't have these...


  1. So many diaries, so little time.


  2. ah so I have to stop looking at these...drooling too much


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