Saturday, January 22, 2011


Over at ads without products blog I stumbled across this atypical board game which has been described as communist monopoly. Here more about it here. The game is called "Kolejka", which is Polish for line or queue and is meant to teach kids what life was like under communism. The game is being released on the 5th of February and will be able to be purchased online, but be quick they are only releasing 3000 of them. Some quotes from the article:

'Just like in the original Monopoly, acquisition is the name of the game. In this case, however, that means struggling to get basic necessities such as food, clothing and furniture. "In the game, you send your family out to get items on a shopping list and they find that the five shops are sold out or that there hasn't been a delivery that day," the IPN's Karol Madaj told SPIEGEL ONLINE Thursday, explaining that the game "highlights the tough realities of life under Communism."'

'Just like in the Communist era, players can leverage certain advantages to get what they need. The "colleague in the government" card is the equivalent of the famous "get out of jail free" card in Monopoly. Any player lucky enough to have one of these beauties can secretly find out when the next deliveries will arrive in the shops. Mothers with children are allowed to jump the line as well.'

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  1. hey fiona, thank you for your comment. i'm back at work at goma, working to get the beauty back on her feet as soon as possible. lots of securing open doors that are airing out a destroyed park level and clearing out a muddy children's art centre. only a handful of us are needed each day, hence the unexpected time off! we hope to have the gallery open in the next few weeks, it's like a ghost town there. my new tupperware will have to wait to be used. have a good weekend. laura


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