Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What to do...

I think I need to join a club. The Quakers and Fabians, the anarchists and free-thinkers of The Chikdren's Book have a sense of community, shared goals, topics of interest and I assume, open discussions regarding their ideals, and perhaps even lively debates. As a PhD student, I have no classes to attend and little human contact. I spend my days reading, taking notes and typing, either at home alone or in a cubicle in a library.

I've had this feeling before, this need to be part of something, I guess that is why I have a blog and why I joined the university philosophy club, although I have never received so much as an email from them since, and I only have eight followers of my blog. This isolation is my own doing, I don't play sport, I am not in a book club, my hobbies all involve self-imposed isolation, like reading and drawing. Which isn't to say I can't be social, I love my friends and family, I am not sealed into my house with no escape. But they work of course and are busy with their own lives. I guess I had a sense of community while working in a large high school for the last five years and I don't have that now as an unemployed full time student on a scholarship.

So what club or organisation could I join? Its not that I am bored, I am occupied between my study, my reading for pleasure and drawing, watching films and seeing friends on the weekends. I just think maybe there is room for more. Something not too expensive, something that doesn't require an enormous time commitment as I still need to work on my PhD, and probably something that doesn't involve me taking on a religion or wearing Lycra. Any ideas? What do you do?

Edit. PS. What about some life drawing classes? I haven't done those since I studied visual art ten years ago. Found some here and here. Might be an idea... certainly no Lycra involved!


  1. Dear Fiona,I also follow your blog with interest.I know how you feel because at times I also wonder what else I could do.What about tutoring or maybe volunteer work at the blood bank?When you find something let me know as I need to find something too.There are only so many holidays one can fit in during the year.Clare

  2. Oh, and here I was going to suggest bible school or yoga. I do quite like yoga though, in all seriousness.

    I think drawing classes would be great. I'd like to do a ceramic or glass blowing course one day.


  3. Hi F, a drawing course or water coloring course might be fun, but it would still be a solitary endeavor. How about a cooking class? Or hiking club? Or a music class? Guitaringly, K

  4. I'm quite taken by the 'The Quakers and Fabians, the anarchists and free-thinkers' Club: where do I join?

    I make the point of beginning one new activity a year. In recent years I've tried fencing, opera, playing poker, photography and cooking courses. Occasionally an activity sticks and enriches my life. I'd love to do some drawing or learn a musical instrument.


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