Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free University...

Yes, you read that correctly. If you live in or around San Fransisco, lucky you, but you now have the opportunity to go to a free university with classes on subjects like Jack Kerouac, Dada and Philosophy. I am so jealous. Simply called "The Free University of San Fransisco", the initiative's mission is to:

oversee the restoration of humanity—warm, literate, democratic—to vibrant human life. In order to achieve this aim we must take hold of the very hub of our culture, which is education, and create a brand new kind of institution, one whose existence makes no sense in the current social order, one that stands in direct defiance of the privatized  profit-oriented social engineering centers that pass for universities today.
Requirements for admission are as follows: you must possess a desire to learn and/or teach.

Upcoming events, including classes by the legendary poet Diane Di Prima and author Alan Kaufman are listed on the site. Would love to hear back from anyone lucky enough to attend one of these classes.


  1. So very cool... we just booked tickets to San Francisco, so might have to stick my head in and check this out!

  2. Free University of San Francisco waves hi and thanks you for your interest and kind remarks!
    Looks like it's time to launch a Free University in Australia...

    Alan Kaufman, Member
    Free University of San Francisco


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