Monday, February 28, 2011

le Brocquy...



Jennifer's post over at Art & Lair just reminded me how stunning the work of Louis le Brocquy is. I was first introduced to him by a dear Irish friend and I was instantly in love.

le Brocquy was born in Dublin in 1916 and remarkably is still alive. He is unique among artists as one of the few to command prices in excess of one million dollars while still alive. His over seventy year career has seen many changes in style and approach, but his Ancestral Heads series is my favorite; he painted ghostly images of the poet, Fredrico Garcia Lorca, the playwright Samuel Beckett, modernist James Joyce (see above, images from here) and others like the painter Francis Bacon, in such a painterly, subtle, yet reverent way. I think of them as wonderful homages to other Irish luminaries.


  1. How beautiful and creepy at once.

    I love being reminded of artists you've admired. It's like rediscovering an old friend.


  2. Thank you for sharing! I like the Beckett one the best. It looks more like Beckett than Beckett looks like Beckett, if that makes any sense. Funny, just this morning I was looking at my son, 2, and thinking to myself how beautiful he is, yeah, but that right beneath his skin is an entire universe of capillaries and tissue and bone that I'm grateful I don't have to see. Poor boy, to have a dad like me, with thoughts like that! Hope your research is coming along swimmingly. Cheers, Kevin

  3. These are very fine, the Joyce is brilliant. There is a heavy Bacon influence, no bad thing. Thanks.

  4. Wow... they are breathtaking, but I have to agree with Christina... creepy too ;) Kx

  5. I LOVE these...I think I like them even more....:)

  6. Oh wow! How divine these are.


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