Tuesday, February 8, 2011


She knows how I am feeling... [image credit]

I am meeting with my primary supervisor today - fingers crossed! He is really lovely, but as a PhD student I have found that you operate so much of the time in complete isolation, with no real deadlines, so it is hard to know if you are ahead, in line or behind where you are supposed to be. I have been researching, reading, note taking and writing.  Since I saw him last I have had an interview with a poet, which I transcribed and sent to a journal, I went to a conference and I completed my annotated bibliography (up to date for the moment) and gathering ideas, notes and sources for a conference paper. So I feel like I have been busy and productive, but was it all in the right direction? Hard to tell as yet.

My prospectus is due sometime this month, but I don't have a date yet. The prospectus is the document and presentation you have to put together prior to confirmation (which at this university occurs after 12 mths), so I have been working on that also. But I am getting worried that I haven't done enough, or I have been focused on the wrong things. I still can't get rid of the feeling that I must have tricked them into giving my a PhD position and a scholarship and someone is going to realise soon and I will have to go back to teaching art in high schools. Paranoid much?


  1. I'm sure it will all go well! I think being nervous is a good sign about how much you care. Let us know how it goes.


  2. I think self doubt is a good thing... I find those who question themselves are usually the most worthy of praise and the least likely to fail :)
    Schedule in some regular meetings with your supervisor so that you have quasi-deadlines to work towards and get some feedback re direction etc.
    Good luck :) Kx

  3. I think that if anyone is going to be on the right track,it will be you.Good luck.Clare


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