Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh Oscar...

Our poor little Oscar felt the sting of two needles today after getting himself in a fight he clearly didn't win. The Cat Clinic gave him a pain killer and antibiotic injection and he got some shaving done to air his wounds. He was named after Oscar Wilde, because people thought Haruki wasn't a suitable name for a cat. So Haruki is his middle name. He is my first cat ever.

Cats get up to such misadventures. He is six years old now and I got him when I was living in Townsville and he has moved around with me ever since, and I have never had to take him to the vet before for fighting. We have lived together in nine different houses in those six years and my dog has lived with me in fourteen different houses in the last ten years. We move too much, but they get along wonderfully, and Angel the English staffy is very protective of short haired domestic Oscar. I am sure she thinks that Oscar is her pet, not mine.


  1. Silly little Oscar. Poor thing. I didn't realise he was now six. I always think of him as being just out of the kitten phase, especially compared to Seth. It's his size and his liveliness.

    I hope his punctures heal quickly and he goes back to behaving himself.

    Also, I think Angel thinks you are her pet too.


    PS. Guess who has a sleeping toddler??

  2. Poor Oscar.You are lucky he has only suffered from one fight in all this time.He will probably be a real sook for a few days.Clare


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