Thursday, February 24, 2011

PhD haul...

Don't you love it when a pile of new books arrive almost all at once? Today I found a copy of Bruce Beaver's Poets on Record 7 in a second hand bookstore in Paddington, and yes it does have a vinyl in it with recordings of Beaver reading his poems! I will have to set up my record player, which has sadly stayed in a box since we moved. My copy of In Casablanca for the Waters by Nigel Roberts arrived today, courtesy of Collected Works bookstore. Also today the Applestealers anthology arrived in the mail. Yesterday Steps for Astaire also by Nigel Roberts and The Best Of the Ear edited by Kris Hemensley (owner of Collected Works) arrived in the mail. Five new books for my PhD in one week, what a haul!

Last night's arts night at the Confit was enjoyable. It was a real mixed bag of poetry, music, dance and visual art. The audience were very naughty at times, talking while poets were reading, my heart went out to one poet who eventually stopped and said "I will be finishing soon, thank you", but the main offending table went on with their loud conversations. Despite these few audience members who lacked good social graces, it was a great night, with tasty food and great company. I look forward to going again.


  1. I don't understand how people can do that... Makes you wonder why they turn up at all. Lovely when books arrive :) Kx

  2. Forgot to ask - was the film crew there? Kx

  3. loud audiences make poets better! Audiences turn up to Confit for lots of reason... to talk, eat, laugh, listen, drink, engage, disengage, create, enhance, blow minds, bore, flirt, fight and dance. the poet isn't king, the context is!



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