Monday, February 21, 2011

PhD love...

I interviewed the wonderful Australian poet Alan Wearne today! He was very generous with his time, and extremely helpful, and even gave me a pile of photocopies from his archives. Looking forward to seeing him read Tuesday night at Riverbend Books. And I will be busy transcribing again for some time to come.

Alan is the second poet I have interviewed for my thesis now, the first was with Laurie Duggan in December. I am just amazed at how friendly and accommodating these writers are. I am looking forward to interviewing more poets in the coming months; they have so many stories to tell, and it is great to speak with folks so passionate about poetry, and hear artists talk about their craft.

This is certainly one of the reasons I am enjoying my PhD.


  1. That' so fabulous, Fiona - you must be feeling wonderful with everything coming together so beautifully :) Nothing like primary sources, hmm? How many times was that drummed into us + who would have thought it could actually be fun?! ;) Good luck with your other interviews! Kx

  2. Wonderful mug shot there!

    So glad the interview was a success and enjoyable too. All the best with the transcription.


  3. I know, I feel bad about the photograph. I took it as we were being kicked out of the library for talking; we had just been kicked out of a study room where the interview was conducted for going over time. Big apologies to the librarians I annoyed yesterday and the cranky woman who wouldn't swap room with me so I could finish the interview!

  4. Hmm ... I thought I posted here about Geoff Page, and whether you were looking at him? Though most of his writing is post 1970s. Anyhow, did I post it somewhere else (or maybe I posted it here and then didn't go through the actual complete submitting process).

    And, is there anyway you can add a subscribe by email option on your blog?

  5. I have added a email subscription link now, thanks for the suggestion. As for Geoff Page, I really like his work and he is part of the generation of poets I am looking at, but he is not in the specific anthology that I am pursuing. I am looking at Laurie Duggan, Kris Hemensley, Alan Wearne, John Tranter, Nigel Roberts and Robert Adamson and probably John Scott and John Forbes.


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