Friday, February 25, 2011

What do you prefer?

Matt over at A Guy's Moleskine Notebook is asking about what kind of books you prefer; old, new, leather bound, hardbacks, trade paperbacks, ebooks? It is a great question and one I actually really hadn't given too much thought to.

I have hardbacks, but I only buy them when I can't get paperback copies of books I want. I prefer reading trade paperbacks, like the Penguin classics, as they are the right size to read in bed, or on the train and then pop into a bag. I also love secondhand books, because they hold treasures that new books don't, like bookmarks, bus tickets, inscriptions, ex libris, notes in the margins etc. They have had lives prior to my owning them and I love that.

Above are some pictures of some of my Penguins that I love. My librarian sister-in-law will die if she finds out that I arrange my books by colour (and not even alphabetically within each different colour!). But I can usually remember the colour of the spine of a book and search for it that way. I also have a poetry section, an art section and a Beat section, but I really do need a better system!


  1. I'd have to agree. My eye is always drawn first to the old Penguin books at book shops and op-shops.

    My books also get colour coded! :)

  2. I almost always by hardcovers. It doesn't matter if I can get it in paperback new, I'll look for a used hardcover copy. Not really sure why, I just think they are easier to read for some reason.


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