Friday, March 11, 2011

1960s bookbinding...

I watched this 1961 American Bookbinders documentary clip over at the always wonderful The Casual Optimist blog. It is only thirteen minutes long, but I have never seen such a good little film about book binding in the 1960s, it is just fantastic and makes me appreciate my old books even more. I would love to see a contemporary equivalent to this clip that shows how books are made now. If anyone knows of such a film let me know too!


  1. Love these old documentaries ... I spent most of my career working with film and this sort of film was a particular love of mine (particularly the Aussie versions - newsreels, training films, old advertisements and so on. Great stuff.

  2. Another treasure! I've just been exclaiming over Christina's knitting books and here you have a treasure of a doco, Fiona! I imagine a contemporary equivalent would a whirl of machinery. A gorgeous find - thank you :) Kx


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