Thursday, March 31, 2011

@ Confit...

I went with a friend last night to the Confit Bistro "Back Room" arts night. It is such a wonderful space, a fusion of contemporary style with a nostalgic twist, that serves up amazing Mediterranean inspired tappas.

Resident poet Graham Nunn, and his wife Julie Beveridge, read some of Jack Kerouac's poetry in honor of his birthday this month. There was also two performers from Zen Zen Zo, who performed a cabaret number, as a bit of a teaser for their Cabaret production that will begin in August. Cindy Keong had an exhibition of her photography and read poetry inspired by a recent trip to Tanzania. And Sheish Money performed (variously on guitar, keys and with a harmonica) alongside Jane Sheehy (on keys) and Graham Nunn. Sheish was obviously feeling generous, and gave everyone in the crowd a copy of his CD "Would Could Should".

You can listen to Sheish's music here and here. I wish I was more of a music aficionado and could do a decent job of trying to describe his music for you. Instead, all I can tell you is that when he performs it reminds me of: Tom Waits, Leadbelly, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Paul Kelly, Woody and Arlo Gutherie and Jim Morrison. He has this wonderful gravel in his voice and writes fantastic songs. Needless to say I had a wonderful night. It is on again next month... stay tuned.


  1. Sounds great! and you totally sound like you know your music Fiona :) Kx

  2. Hey Fiona, I think we were very lucky to score Sheish's album last night because it is AWESOME!!! On top of all the influences you have mentioned I'd like to add a bit of "The Go Betweens" in there too (thanks, I think, to Jane Sheehy who is also amazing)Sam

  3. Thanks for the review Fiona. Was a really great night... I for one enjoyed the more intimate crowd and you're bang on, Sheish was firing... can't wait until he records some of the new songs he performed. Hope your cold goes away soon! Enjoy your reading... G


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