Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling inspired...

I finished my first full draft of my revised prospectus yesterday and emailed all twenty-seven pages of it off to my supervisors, so today I am back to transcribing my recent interview with the poet Alan Wearne. I took some time out and caught a bus into Brisbane city and went looking about the bookstores and office supply shops. I was inspired in part by finishing one project and by my little book outing to come home and rearrange my study desk. I bought some news pens and some bookends for the books that were littering my desk and a pen holder to dump all my miscellaneous pens into. I also took advantage of the shelf under my glass top Ikea desk to display some of my favorite books, including my signed copy of Allen Ginsberg's Holy Soul Jelly Roll.

Now I feel very organised and ready to continue with my transcribing project, surrounded by beautiful and inspirational books.

PS. Sorry about the glare in the photographs. Due to the position of my desk under the window, light comes through the curtains and reflects on the glass desk top. Not a problem when I am working, but it makes it hard to take photographs!


  1. I am now in love with your desk and absolutely want one! A book desk - how perfect is that?! Great pics too Fiona (the glare is keeping it real!) Best wishes for a well-received draft :) Kx

  2. I always want to steal that desk too! Loving your new supplies and your rearranged space. I always love seeing where people work.

    Congratulations on completing your prospectus!


  3. How brilliant, what a wonderful desk.

  4. I love the look of your desk Fiona. Beat Scene has always been one of my favourite books on The Beats and it is amongst some fine company there.


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