Friday, March 11, 2011

New books in time for the weekend...

Archives Fine Books. Image credit

Yesterday, when I ventured into the city I also went to Archives Fine Books on Charlotte Street. It is like a hall that has been filed with a million books, with row after row of close shelves stacked to the ceiling. It is a wonderful bookstore, but it is also like a tomb for dead books. It is so silent in there (they need some soft music playing or something) that you can hear other people browsing and it feels a little morgue-ish. Having said that, there are rows and rows of wonderfully tempting books. I have bought many out of print treasures there over the years. 

I came away from Archives yesterday with Charles Buckmaster's Collected Poems. An Australian poet associated with the "generation of 68" who sadly took his own life in 1972, when he was just 21 years old. For a detailed post about Buckmaster by someone who knew him well, have a look at Kris Hemensley's (poet and owner of Collected Works bookshop in Melbourne) blog

I also picked up Charles Bukowski's first novel Post Office. I have only read his poetry previously, so I was excited by this find. And The Salt Companion to John Tranter, edited by Rod Mengham, came in the mail this week. John Tranter is a leading Australian poet, critic and anthologiser and is central to me PhD thesis. I am meeting him next month in Sydney, so this book of essays will complement his poetry, reviews and previous interviews that I have been reading. 

So that is my happy haul of poetry this week, I have ordered a few more books and will play show and tell when they arrive! 


  1. Books for the weekend... what could be better! Happy reading Fiona,


  2. and I can't wait to see this show and tell!

    despite the morgue-ish overtones, that bookstore looks fantastic.

  3. It's such a fabulous book store, if not a little imposing upon first inspection due to the sheer scale. I had almost forgotten about it though, until I saw your post. Isn't is wonderful that this store has been running for so many years in the CBD, despite the large book chain stores moving in and the influence of the internet and paperless books? A sign of our enduring love for all things literature?

    Happy Weekend!


  4. Wow! Thanks for visiting! It's funny how we ask a question and our responses are what we should have known. Your PhD sounds interesting. Finding your blog has reminded me of my end goals - Art teacher! Thank you x


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