Monday, March 21, 2011

New treasures...

Hugo Ball, 1916 reading Dada poetry

I am busy preparing for my PhD prospectus presentation and interviews with two more poets, so just a quick post about some new books. Today Laurie Duggan's New and Selcted Poems 1971- 1993 arrived, it was published in 1996 and I was able to track it down brand new (republished?) through the publisher. I also bought myself a copy of Flight Out of Time with the "oh so mid 1990s" bright pink cover (do you have a self of bright coloured covers from the 90s?). The garish cover aside, this is a collection of the writings of Hugo Ball (key Dadaist), including his diaries from 1910-21 and Dada manifestos. Finally, the most beautiful book that I have purchased for some time, The Elements of In-Betweenarrived last week. It is a book of film reviews by Hila Shachar, illustrated by Amy Borrell. Some of you might know Hila from her lovely blog le projet d'amour

Wishing you all a wonderful and productive week!


  1. thanks so much Fiona! You must be so busy with the PhD prospectus, good luck with it all - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Thanks for the introduction to le projet d'amour. I love it.

  3. Thanks Hila and I am glad to be able to introduce you Anthony.

    Hila, this is Anthony, Anthony this is Hila. Hila's blog is "le projet d'amour" and Anthony's blog is "Time's Flow Stemmed".



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