Monday, March 14, 2011

Playing catch up...

Artist Des Verdon with his two paintings in the "What is Blue to You?" exhibition. 

What a weekend! We had wonderful friends from Toowoomba come and visit us on Friday night, Saturday afternoon I went to a wholesale Jewellery fair with my sister at the Convention Center and Saturday night Dylan and I went and saw Cosi at the Brisbane Arts Theater in Petrie Terrace. Sunday we drove up to Toowoomba to see the exhibition "What is Blue to You?" at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, as we had three friends with works in the show. The opening was packed, but I managed to snap one picture of my friend Des with his two paintings, "Pablo" on the left and "Change or Cease", a portrait of Brett Whiteley on the right. I also managed to catch up with a whole heap of friends and colleagues from my time living and teaching in Toowoomba, it was a great exhibition and a lot of fun to see everyone again. 

I have just finished writing a review of Cosi, as I got comp review tickets and I will let you know when and where it is being published soon. I spent all day Friday transcribing the interview with Alan Wearne for my PhD and I am almost halfway through. I can't believe people do this kind of thing for a living, then again, they would be so much faster than me at it! So life continues on, busy but wonderful.


  1. What a fabulous weekend you had! I'm feeling dizzy just reading it ;) All sounds wonderful (envious of wholesale jewellery fair too!) Looking forward to reading your review. Hope you're having a well-earned rest, Fiona. Kx

  2. Thanks again for all your help business partner!

    I think you will need a week to recover from your weekend! Looking forward to reading the review. You always have such a wonderful way with words.



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