Monday, March 28, 2011

Productive mess...

Why does productivity seem to go hand and hand with mess - or is that just me? I am working through the feedback that I got from my supervisors on Friday regarding my Prospectus. There are piles of articles, reviews, drafts etc. on my desk, not to mention the piles on the floor... But it is coming together and I am pretty sure I will have hammered it all into shape by the time it is due next Monday. Then I just have an oral to write and present before I go to Sydney!

I am looking forward to another productive (if messy) week. Hope yours is great too!

PS. If you are in Brisbane, don't forget about the poetry reading in the Valley on Wednesday night!
PPS. Happy Birthday to Frank O'Hara for yesterday!


  1. Just keep chipping away at it and worry about any mess once it is done! Then you will have a double sense of satisfaction when you get to pack up all that paperwork.


  2. that's not messy, you should see my desk (both at work and at home). Good luck with it all, just imagine how great you'll feel when it's all over :)

    I've tagged you on my blog, see my latest post.

  3. That's exactly how I work --- lots of piles. Give me a surface and pretty soon it will have a pile on it. Usually I know what's in what pile but I sometimes catch myself out.

  4. Absolutely, it is organised chaos here right now whispering gums!

    Thanks Hila for tagging me on your blog. Maybe you will share a picture of your desk with us sometime?

    Thanks for the support as always Christina. Your right, it will feel great when I can pack up this pile - and then replace it with the next one!

  5. Your desk is the sign of a creative, working mind. And I must say, I love you glass-topped desk.

  6. I would say it is elegantly messy. There is no dust!


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