Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reading day...

I am still working on the prospectus for my thesis and have been going to the library everyday finding more reviews, articles etc. in an attempt to read everything possible on, about, or by, the two poets that I am going to interview next month (John Tranter and Robert Adamson). As the majority of these articles are in journals that can't be borrowed  I have spent $60 on photocopying since Saturday. I now have a lot of reading to do! I still have a long list yet of articles to get (in due time), but I am now on a first name basis with the librarians. While I was there yesterday I also borrowed a whole pile of books. In future however, I need to think about the weight of the pile of books versus the number of kilometers my car is from the library. I needed a nap (or a strong drink) by the time I got said pile of books and photocopies to my car.

So today is a reading day - I feel very lucky that this is my "job" at the moment (I am on a scholarship, so I do get paid for doing this, in a way). Now, back to it!


  1. Perhaps a little book cart is in order? Like a Nana shopping cart?!

    Glad the research and readings are going well. We are having a quiet day again while I try and get over this cold.


  2. I'd rather have an assistant! Someone to help me find books, lug them to the car and maybe transcribe interviews as well. Hint hint dear sister?

  3. What a lovely layout on your blog - found you via Her library adventures. Good luck with your reading my daughter did the Uni thing and I know how hard work it can be. Would love to see you over on my blog sometime.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy
    Beverley xx


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