Friday, March 18, 2011

Seven things...

A Little Bird Told Me has given me a Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you. So to play along, I have to come up with seven things you may not know about me.

1. I've been to thirteen countries and lived in fifteen different places. I would like to move less and travel more.

2. When I was teaching Art in a high school, at different times I also taught Film and TV, Social Sciences and Legal Studies (!). I never taught English, even though I am actually qualified to do that!

3. I took on three prac students when I was a teacher and two of them went on to get jobs at the school. I was so proud!

4. I am not Catholic, but when I was doing my Bachelor of Arts I did a philosophy and theology class at the Australian Catholic University and most of my fellow class mates were 21 and training to be priests. It was a strange experience.

5. The last award I won was an Excellence in Education Award from the Australian College of Educators for my involvement in a 'Building Racial Harmony Project'. I got to go to lovely dinner.

6. I love playing chess, but I am not very good at it, Dylan beats me four times out of every five.

7. I am getting married in September and my sister and Dylan's sister are going to be bridesmaids, as well as my dear friend Dave. I was a groom's wo/man (person?) at his fantastic 1920s themed wedding.


  1. Ok, so I have to ask, will Dave be wearing a lovely dress as one of your bridesmaids?

  2. He offered, but I think he will look just as nice in a suit.

  3. Did you find it a little difficult to write your seven? I found that being asked to list seven things left my mind blank. :)

    Had you worn a suit as a grooms person then I'm sure Dave should have to wear a dress. But as you wore a dress, I think a suit for Dave is acceptable.


  4. I love your seven - they give us a good picture of you (I think! After all, a Dada-lover could be leading us up the garden path, around the tree and straight to the toilet bowl!)

  5. your wedding sounds awesome, truly, that's how I would do it. Also, that's quite a list of accomplishments and experiences. Wow you!

  6. What a wonderful seven! Congratulations on your engagement too :) Kx

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone, I have emailed replies to those that I could.

    Whisperinggums, sadly all seven were true. I found that like Christina said my mind went blank when I started to write and I was looking around the room for inspiration (ie. chess board, engagement ring, one still to be unpacked moving box etc.). I think my seven are pretty mundane, but I am glad to think that they may help to form a better picture of me. Thanks again.


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