Friday, March 4, 2011

Tickets purchased...

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for Sydney! Next month I am off for a week of exploring and interviewing poets. I will fly into Sydney, spend a few days there and then catch a train and go to a poetry exhibition in Wollongong. I am very excited, but Sydney still terrifies me; it is a big place when you are on your own and don't know your way around. I was there in January for a conference and only had one day to explore and I got lost and confused several times (and I had to get taxis as I didn't have pre-purchased bus tickets), but I managed to make it to the art gallery and see the Last Emperor exhibition. This time I will be more prepared and buy bus tickets in advance. My next little literary adventure after Sydney will be to Melbourne, for another conference and another interview. I love the combination of travel, literature conferences and PhD interviews - if only I could steal Dylan away from his work and take him with me, then it would be perfect!

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  1. Would love to visit Australia on day!
    Oprah also did a fabulous job to promote the country recently!



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