Sunday, April 10, 2011

Free philosophy...

I have previously posted about the Free University of San Fransisco. They have exciting new classes just announced, including an "Outside writers from Dostoevsky to Bukowski" course to be held at the Beat Museum. I am a big fan of the Beat Museum, I bought some great books there and it is located just across from City Lights Bookstore. What I didn't realise was that there is a free university here in Australia. The Melbourne Free University began last year and has more classes starting this month. Now, if only Brisbane had one!

Oh and have you heard of The School of Life in London? The founder and chairman is none other than the writer/ philosopher Alain de Botton. The School of Life offers philosophical classes, dealing with a really wide range of issues such as: love, death, family, relationships, money, parenting and Utopia. They have a really cool looking "Dinner with Jean Paul Sartre" coming up, where you attend a three-course French meal while learning about existentialism. There is also a "Fry-up with Jack Kerouac" planned. Food, philosophy and literature. Sounds great.

Even though I am not in San Fransisco, Melbourne or London to participate in this exciting seminars, courses and meals, it makes me happy (and little jealous) just knowing that they are occurring.

PS. There is also a free online university, The University of the People,  that offers business and computer science courses to a world wide audience.


  1. Oh my, it makes me happy too... just knowing they exist! :) Great post Fiona. Kx

  2. Oh damn, I wish I knew about that Sartre dinner earlier. I've been intending to get to a School of Life event for ages.


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