Thursday, April 7, 2011



Moleskine have released a new range of embossed journals, including this travel journal with flight details embossed into the cover, stickers, tabbed sections and travel planning calendar. Part of me wonders what Chatwin would think... the other part of me would love one on these to play with during flights and stop overs. A place to plan and record, create wish lists, map journeys, consult time zones and write about adventures. I could see it with bus, train and airplane tickets glued in, foreign stamps, receipts, postcards and drawings that would chart the journey and the destination. Then I think that Kerouac wrote some of his best travel writing in cheap exercise books and I feel ashamed... but I still want one.

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  1. I know the exact feeling. Whenever I lust after a gorgeous notebook I feel guilty about all the spare paper I have in a pile that I can just staple together into a "make-your-own". Then again, when I buy or am given a beautiful one I find it hard to write in it for fear of spoiling it.


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