Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sydney... One last look

I stayed with family friends in Oak Flats, just outside of Wollongong from Friday to Sunday while I attended art exhibitions, poetry readings, caught some live music and did some sight seeing. Mr S is a visual artist, play write and retired English/ History teacher. His passions include poetry and literature, films, trains, sculpture and painting, travel and live music - to name but a few. His wife, Mrs S, is a retired Latin/ French/ English teacher who shares most of Mr S' interests and is also passionate about theater, ballet and travel. What a couple. 

My little adventure to Sydney and Wollongong had many highlights, but staying with Mr and Mrs S was definitely one of them. Above you can see some of the sculptures around their garden, made by Mr S and fellow local artists, as well as two of his paintings, and the sculpture he gifted me made out of piano pieces (which I photographed in my backyard as it is overcast and rainy today). The sculpture survived the flight and now has pride of place in my study. So thank you Mr and Mrs S for being so welcoming and accommodating, there is a spare bed for you whenever you are in Brisbane again! 


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful and fullfilling time away.I always love visiting Mr and Mrs S and am quite envious of your time with them. Clare

  2. oh how lovely that you got to stay with such a great couple - I always think that you get to know a place better by staying with people who live there.


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