Friday, April 8, 2011

Tan in Overland...

Today the current issue of Overland came in the mail (Issue 202), it features Shaun Tan's work on the cover, selections of an interview with the artist and eight pages of his artworks, including the "Day in the Life" comic strip (part of which I have included above). Shaun Tan is an Australian illustrator renowned for his wordless "children's" books such as The Arrival, The Red Tree and most recently an anthology of short illustrated stories called Tales from Outer Suburbia. I have previously bought his books for children and adult friends, they are so beautiful and have a wonderful strangeness and mythical, surreal quality; their appeal certainly isn't restricted to children.

Image from The Arrival, also available as a limited edition print.
Christmas present anyone?

But seriously, I love the mood and atmosphere created in his work. If you can't get your hands on a copy of Overland, do check out Tan's website which has a large overview of his work and a great FAQ page that speaks about his inspiration, ways of working and philosophy regarding children's books.   


  1. They look wonderful! Thanks for the recommendation, Fiona. That bottom image in particular is just exquisite. Kx

  2. And, did you know you can see his Oscar award winning The lost thing on ABC's iView? I loved it.

    I've given his books as gifts too ... and they are usually a hit. My SIL loved Tales from outer suburbia.


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