Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Books to eat...

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What! I missed the International Edible Book Festival  (I didn't even know there was one before today). It was on the first of April.
April 1st is the birthday of French gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826), famous for his bookPhysiologie du goût, a witty meditation on food. April fools' day is also the perfect day to eat your words and play with them as the "books" are consumed on the day of the event. This ephemeral global banquet, in which anyone can participate, is shared by all on the internet and allows everyone to preserve and discover unique bookish nourishments. This festival is a celebration of the ingestion of culture and a way to concretely share a book; it is also a deeper reflexion on our attachment to food and our cultural differences.


  1. What a fabulous idea - I love it! Next year then ;) Kx

  2. I shall be reminded of this each time I inwardly wish to eat my own words, or force feed another to eat theirs.

    The fist book I would make for others would be of the toast variety and saying 'Congratulations on the pregnancy*', and written on the plate beneath '*Actually I'm not pregnant...'


  3. I wonder how many loaves it would take to toast Gone With The Wind? Love it! G


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