Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday...

I am currently working on two chapters for the thesis and I still have transcribing to do from the interviews in Sydney and I have another interview lined with next week! I am also doing an Advanced Study Option (ASO) as part of the PhD and we are reading Pascale Casanova, James English, Pierre Bourdieu, and Franco Moretti. My desk is a mess, I am surrounded by books and photocopies, and everything seems to have a post it note on it to remind me what to do next. But I am loving it, life is good and busy at the moment.

But I am looking forward to taking a break and going to hear some poetry at Confit Bistro next week and then chilling at the Brew cafe for the June Speedpoets.

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  1. hey, i'm hoping to catch up with you at confit... i'm teaching til 8pm but will be there after that!


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