Friday, May 6, 2011

Turn your back on vandalism - okay?

So if you have been around Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane lately, you have have seen this ad. When I first saw it, I thought it must be advertising for a film, or a brand or something. Surely this isn't an example of anti-graffiti advertising? Apparently it is. According to the Australian Creative website:

A CATC Design School (Commercial Arts Training College) student has won the Adshel competition held across design schools around Australia.

Olivia Vines took out the prize for a design aimed at discouraging vandalism of public transport shelters.

Don't get me wrong, it is a great image, well done to Olivia Vines, but the message isn't clear. I mean, shouldn't it say "DON'T turn your back on vandalism"? If we do "turn our backs on vandalism", doesn't that mean we would be ignoring it? How does that help? The hoodie seems to celebrate graff culture, along with this cool image, and might even encourage vandalism. What a perfect place to tag in aerosol or permanent marker. I get that the implicit message is for graff artists to turn their back on vandalism, but the message seems aimed at a more general audience. So should I turn my back on vandalism? Aside from ignoring it (like most of us do anyway), how do I turn my back on it anyway?  Am I alone in this?


  1. Perhaps that you can be artistic and express yourself with a graffiti style, without resorting to vandalism? Legal graff.

    But yes, my first impression was that we should be ignoring vandalism itself. Possibly like many other things in life, once it is successfully ignored it will just go away? Or was that bullies? My powers of ignorance mean I can't remember and now I will go away...


  2. OMG, you are absolutely right! What a guff... wonder if someone's pointed it out to them? :0 Kx


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