Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Best Bad Reviews...

I have been living under a rock - again. I just found the Bad Reviews of Good Books blog through the First Tuesday Book Club page. It is wonderful and has me laughing. The latest installment of Bad Reviews on Good Books is about Thomas Mann's Death in Venice. Here are some of my favorite quotations about Mann's novella found on the blog:

"I dod not like the writing. Almost entirely about homosexuality."
"I can relate to regretting a hasty travel decision and wishing it wouldn't pan out somehow. But the pedophilia just creeps me out."
"What an insane book. I don't know how you give a lot of stars to a book about a dying pedophile but most of what I remember about the book is the graphic descriptions of how everyones genitals smelled, which I guess is worth something."

Definitely worth checking out.


  1. Oh dear, I could spend too much time there ... in a few minutes one of my favourites is this:

    "It would be nice if Tactitus’ understanding was more like a tacit understanding.

    That is, unspoken."

    Thanks for the site!


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