Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pounds to dollars...

Today I have been looking at changes that were occurring in the 1960s in Australia. I've been piecing together different elements of the social-political landscape from that decade, and I came across this great clip for the introduction of decimal currency. I had never seen any of the advertising campagin for the 1966 currency change. It reminded me of when I was little and my Grandpa still referred to things as costing "two bob", or a "shilling" and so forth, and I never knew what he was talking about. So I hope you enjoy this random little find. Perhaps teachers should show this clip to kids in school today?

PS. Also just found some great rediscovered clips of Beat poets reading, they have been up loaded here


  1. Adorable! Here in Brazil we had so many currency changes throught the years, it was hard to keep up when I was a kid.

    Camila Faria

  2. I remember watching that on T.V. when I was a small child.I still remember the catchy jingle all these years later. Clare

  3. That was absolutely amazing

  4. Oh, you are making me feel old Dada! Like anonymous I remember this too ... only I wasn't a small child but an early teen! It's a great little ad ... I've been nominating it for the last couple of years for the NFSA'a Sounds of Australia collection but it so far hasn't made it. It deserves to I think - for the history (as the changeover was a big things), its catchiness and its reference back to traditional ballads.


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