Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quote of the day...

Richard Packer, writing about Robert Kenny's preface to the Applestealers (1974) anthology of new poetry, argues that "His prose is the most remarkable achievement since Mein Kampf."*      Ouch.

A small random sample from the first page of Mein Kampf that I clicked on:
And the German counter-action was a complete failure.
In the person of the man whose intellect and will made him its leader, the army had the intention and determination to take up the struggle in this field, too, but it lacked the instrument which would have been necessary. And from the psychological point of view, it was wrong to have this enlightenment work carried on by the troops themselves. If it was to be effective, it had to come from home. Only then was there any assurance of success among the men who, after all, had been performing immortal deeds of heroism and privation for nearly four years for this homeland.
But what came out of the home country? - Adolf Hitler

*Packer, Richard. "Against the Epigones." Quadrant 95.19.3 (1975): 67-72.

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