Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Ghostboy Poem...

I am all right (aren't you?)

are you crying?

no, I am not crying I am very happy.

but aren’t you crying over us ?

no, I am happy to be here with you in this place.

I’m sure they are tears?

no, you are in correct. there is no water on my face. I was born without tear ducts.

but they are tears for us?

perhaps I am not being clear. let’s just call them onion stains or false starts. 

okay. so how are you about me moving out?

depressed. I can’t stop crying. I think it all started when I heard you say 

“Í am picking up the cat”

Catch Ghostboy at the Queensland Poetry Festival in Smitten Cobra's / Judith Wright Shopfront / Sunday 28 August  / with Betsy Turcot & Eleanor Jackson

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  1. Love the way the poem is wrapped up with that last sentence. Perfect.


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