Monday, August 22, 2011

Catching up...

 Fiona yesterday: tired, cold and happy.

Life seems busy for everyone I know at the moment, it is a busy time of year all round, myself included. Yesterday (Sunday) I fell out of bed at the unnatural time of 6am in order to do a three plus hour drive to Ballendean near Stanthorpe with my partner Dylan. We meet up with his beautiful family there for the opening of the Scotney Nature Refuge, named in honor of his Father who passed away in 2009. It is a wonderful part of the world the granite belt, and a thoughtful legacy for Tom.

In the meantime, my wedding is less than six weeks away, my PhD confirmation is a month overdue and I am putting the finishing touches on two interviews for publication and a review of a play I saw last week. Life is hectic to say the least, and yet what is it about being busy that means you actually get more done? There is nothing like looming deadlines amid lists of things to do to actually get things done. If I just had one thing to achieve today, I probably wouldn't get it done, but when I have a list so long I could never get it all done in one day, well that is when things really start to move!

The Queensland Poetry Festival is less than a week away and it has been great to be able to get in contact with so many talented writers in the lead up to the QPF. I would like to thank them all for sending me photographs, poems, bio-sketches and answering interview questions and putting up with my erratic and often less than prompt responses (sorry). But it has been a great delight to be a guest blogger for the festival this year. There are still a few more posts planned this week and then of course there will be posts about the Poetry Festival. Hope to see you there!

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  1. that's all sounding crazy but good busy! hope it all goes smoothly pre-wedding wise {can remember it being a bit stressful!}


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