Friday, August 26, 2011

Chris Lynch Interview...

I managed to catch up with the incredibly busy Chris Lynch for a quick interview. Aside from being a writer and editor, Chris is also a PhD student in Creative Writing at the University of Queensland. He is reading at the Queensland Poetry Festival this Sunday at 2:00 in the Shopfront space in the Zen Method of Bingo session. 

When did you start writing poetry?

I wrote quite a bit of poetry as a teenager, but it was only recently, in my early thirties, that I began writing poetry again seriously.

How do you go about writing? (Do you need five coffees, a new pencil and a quiet spot? Do you write in cafes or on a laptop? Do you carry around notebooks? Do you write in the morning or in the evening? etc.)

I carry a notebook; for ideas and first drafts, nothing beats paper and pen. Cafes are good for writing--cafes in foreign countries are better, and mountains in foreign countries at night.

Evenings, definitely. Now that I think of it, I'm not sure I've ever written poetry in a cafe on a mountain in a foreign country. Something to remedy!

I like the idea of inspiration, but basically it's bollocks. I'm working on consistency instead. 

You write and edit poetry, fiction, reviews and plays. Do you find that one style of writing predominates, or informs other aspects of your writing practice? 

Until recently I would've said no, but poetry has started to take over in the last few years. It seems to be the key to unlocking my voice in all forms.

What can we expect from you at the Queensland Poetry Festival?

I guess you could say it's an exploration of the nexus between nature and the city. A mix of Japanese forms (haiku and tanka) and some new free verse.

QPF opens tonight (tickets available here). All the weekend activities and performances are free! More information at

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