Saturday, August 20, 2011

Introducing Chris Lynch...

Chris Lynch: Image courtesy of artist

"Chris Lynch was born with twelve fingers in the jungles of PNG. He has also lived in Australia, the USA, China, and Japan. Prone to crazy ideas, he has run off and joined the army, walked the length of Japan, eloped, started Tangled Bank Press, and eaten goat testicles. Thankfully, not all at once. He blogs at".

Homo pedestrius
Two legs are a series
of elegant falls:
all progress depends
on undoing what was done,
one foot falling
and then the other
smacking dirt,
phalanges spreading
and springing back. This is
the beauty of walking—
to walk is
to be human.
I stand, step out
doors into sun
or moonlight.
Feel the spread
and spring
of each step
and remember:
before anything
I am the primate
that walks.

Catch Chris at the Queensland Poetry Festival in The Zen Method of Bingo - Sunday 28 August / Shopfront Space / 2:00

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