Friday, August 19, 2011

Introducing Cindy Keong...

Cindy Keony: Image courtesy of the artist
I am a Brisbane based photographer, poet and teacher.  I have recently been exploring life in Tanzania assisting with a community based education program.  I usually live in breathing distance to the Pacific Ocean which continues to inspire my work. 2010 was an exciting year with both my poetry and photos published in Page Seventeen as well as being shortlisted for Queensland Poetry Festival Filmakers awards and receiving a highly commended for film submissions at the Melbourne Overload Festival.


We catch Jim Jim a dented silver
bus, Bob Marley’s face emblazoned
on doors, his voice pumps
through dusty speakers.

Twice as many bodies than
there are seats; stale sweat
and the waft of
ripening bananas.

Mamas pass babies and
parcels through open windows, stranger
or not window seats come with 
added responsibility.

A women determined not to stand, concertinas
the back row with her quaking form,
a thick thigh overlaps mine, my left arm
resting on her breast.

A local boy playing chicken, grinds
the journey to a halt.  Mine the only
eyes that blink, when the driver leaps to the gutter,
administers a beating.

And when the journey ends, eyes stinging,
a mouth lined like a dusty shelf
you pay 30c for the pleasure, an
amusement ride you’ll never forget.

Catch Cindy at the Queensland Poetry Festival in Image Back to the Word - Saturday 27 August / Theatre Space / 2:45

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