Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing John Koenig...

John Koenig: Image courtesy of the artist

i am fond of keeping secrets can you
recently published in Brisbane new voices 2
would say i am a man who keeps his own counsel
born in dalby town on the edge of the western downs
i am particularly interested in all things emotional
in relationships - people and how they think
the underlying motivation for why
people act and do the things
they are want to do
meaning means
to me

Careful You Might Scare Me

Well it’s all or nothing
the way it’s always been
when I ride crazy, wild and free
like a bohemian cowboy should be
astride a white stallion above the neon night
way, way out there hiding amongst the stars
where the strings of a mandolin can tickle my heart.

Intriguing reflections can signal connection
and an intimate conversational craving
now the night’s festivities have finished
and the coffee dregs are drying
and the mile high ride is over.

Fear turns my head away from her lips
and I peck a soft cheek instead.
Seduce and reject, such exquisite regret.
Damn, we almost kissed!

Catch John at the Queensland Poetry Festival in Torching the Shadows - Saturday 27 August / Shopfront Space / 11:45

PS. More Queensland Poetry Festival related blog posts over at Graham Nunn's blog Another Lost Shark

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