Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing Julie Beveridge...

Julie Beveridge: Image courtesy of the artist

"Julie Beveridge is an emerging poet who lives in Brisbane (although she’s been saying that for years now – emerge already!). She is the Program and Services Manager for Queensland Writers Centre and was the Director of Queensland Poetry Festival: spoken in one strange word in 2009 and 2010. Her first collection of poetry Rock’n’Roll Tuxedo was released in 2005. Julie is an active member Brisbane’s poetry community and is passionate about the innovation in promotion and distribution of new poetry and is always looking for a new way to deliver poetry audiences.

Julie has featured at the Queensland Poetry Festival; Byron Bay Writers Festival; Tasmanian Poetry Festival and the Sydney Writers Festival as well as reading at various arts events throughout Queensland, Victoria and Canada. Her work has appeared in Stylus Poetry JournalRetort MagazineBottle Rockets (USA); Kokako (NZ); Page Seventeen;Contemporary Haibun OnlineCordite; Famous ReporterRipples MagazineIdiom23 and Small Packages.

Her last collection, Home is where the Heartache is was released through Small Change Press in 2008 and was her first collection of haibun.

Julie is expecting her first child in November this year."

van diemens land

canyon precipice
jagged merciful

each sharp extension
endures grooves

for my fingers to rest in
or slip out of

whether I’m climbing or falling
nothing is patient as these cliffs

silent monuments
to tomfoolery & suicide

rocks call to me at night
knowing I’ve always wanted to

fling myself off something
into something else

heart shaped & irregular

hangs onto my memories
chained up dogs that don’t get fed

who long to slide
over the brink

Catch Julie at the Queensland Poetry Festival: Saturday/ Shopfront Space/ 10:30 am 
Sunday/ Shopfront Space/ 2:30pm

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  1. i want to see you reading at the fish n chip shop in nambour! guess i'll have to wait til the shopfront space at the judith wright huh? xx


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