Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Introducing Nicola Scholes...

Photo credit: Elleni Toumpas

Nicola Scholes is the author of Dear Rose (Small Change Press, 2009).  Nicola performed at Queensland Poetry Festival in 2009 and 2008, and her poems have been published in the journals The Broadkill Review (USA), CorditeForge (USA/UK), Hecate, Page Seventeen, Social Alternatives, Stylus, Verity La, and the books Hibiscus and Ti-Tree: Women in Queensland, and Poems in Perspex: Max Harris Poetry Award 2007.  Nicola regularly reads her poems at the Brisbane monthly poetry event SpeedPoets, and has been an actor in Brisbane community theatre for more than ten years.  Nicola has a BA with first-class honours in English from the University of Queensland, a Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies from QUT, and an MA from Deakin University.  She is currently studying a PhD on representations of the maternal in Allen Ginsberg’s poetry at the University of Queensland.


Cocooned in thin polar fleece
taken from the airline,
legs outstretched on miracle couch
nectarine ankles going down

A starfish plane crosses the sky
it’s another world up there
hardly Paradise
a world where heads are bowed
for the execution of sleep
and dreams of running around
scream like chickens
where meals punctuate
eight-hour sentences
for a pack of salted peanuts
don’t question the authority
of those who feed us

A world unto itself
clouds held up with Viagra
toilets in cupboards, pissing down towards earth
relieved only by the sight of
brightly-coloured dorsal fins
sharks drifting toward terminals

Wiggling toes in soft thin socks
stretching sympathy one minute
recoiling the next
I emerge grateful
for carpet a couch
a two-bedroom unit in Brisbane

                                                                              by Nicola Scholes 

                                                                              published in page seventeen #8 (2010)

Catch Nicola at the Queensland Poetry Festival in Among the last bright leaves - Sunday 28 August / Shopfront Space / 5.00pm

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